Cellular Shades

Cellular shades - or honeycomb shades - have excellent light control and superior insulation capabilities, making them one of the most popular window treatments. The cells prevent your home from losing or gaining heat through windows, maintaining a more constant temperature inside. We offer a wide selection of colors and fabric options to meet your needs, such as light filtering, blackout, single cell, double cell, and even fire retardant.

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Operating Systems

Custom cellular shades are available in regular, clutch, cordless, top down bottom up, slider (vertical shade), skylight, day/night, motorized, arch, hexagon, 2-on-1, and more.

Simply Cordless™, or stock cellular shades, includes cordless, cordless top down bottom up, and cordless day/night. 

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Cellular Shade
Price Guide

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Fabric Swatches

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Installation & Programming Instructions