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Verti-Sheer Shades
Verti-sheer shade allows you to walk through an indoor or outdoor space without stacking the shade. Its elegant lights create a stylish appearance. These delicate fabrics come in two textures and 4-5 neutral colors. Verti-sheer shades are a great option for patio doors, balcony doors, and large windows.
VertiShrMagnt Lvgrm Open b s.jpg

With the vanes opened, the sheer fabric diffuses glare and brings the view inside.

VertiShrMagnt Lvgrm Closed s.jpg

When the vanes are closed, the solid fabric enhances privacy.

Operating Systems

Verti-Sheer shade is available in side stack, center split, and stack at will.

Fabric Swatches

Living Room 1.jpg


Man Measuring Window_edited.jpg


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